"The first moment I held the amethyst orgonic transmuter, I perceived an octahedral shape projecting from my third-eye in front of me, and my teeth felt like they were vibrating from the energy… Wow, I didn't expect that! Thanks a lot" Jason M.

"Thank you for the custom pyramid that you made for me. The energy that it's emitting is amazing, it keeps my healing space continuously clean; and it's also marvelous for meditation. Your work expresses your exceptional healing gift! Keep spreading it into the world! Crystal Blessings." Veronica

"…when the pyramid arrived, my kids slept beside it when they saw it (almost an hour). Since we've had the pyramid there have been no arguments in the house. :) " Nese B.

"When I hold the pyramid in my hand I feel like there is a large golden pyramid over my head and it feels good. I like the energy, and it's friendly." Luminous -10 years old

"The pyramid cleanses and creates this beautiful energy field of serenity and peace while healing anything that is discordant in the field. As a therapist, I use this near the entrance to my home office, so when new people come in they receive the healing effects of the pyramid, just by being close to it. Powerful yet very subtle! Thanks Rob for creating these beautiful pieces." Deborah Skye

"…the pyramid you gave me, the small powerhouse that sometimes comes with me places; well, for two nights I was guided to sleep with it at my feet, and Rob, I feel so much better!!! It's incredible - I obviously had too much energy accumulated in my higher chakras and I needed grounding. What can I say; each one of your pieces does what it's supposed to…" Lisa F.

"Thank you Rob for the valuable service you are providing to us by way of your creations. I have to admit, I was initially skeptical, but I am so glad I listened to my inner guidance (and the recommendation of friends) and asked you to create a pendant unique to my needs. The stones you chose resonated with me instantly and perfectly. To say you exceeded my expectations would be an understatement; my connection was that powerful. Namaste." Maureen Lancaster

"I can't begin to tell you how powerful and calming the pyramid you made for me is. The vibrations and energy emitting from it are incredible. I've had it a week now, and laugh if you may, but I've been sleeping with it in the bed every night since last Tuesday...and I've actually been sleeping! Who needs a teddy bear when you can sleep with a pyramid? Lol" Terri F.

"Rob, I can feel the positive energy being emitted from the “Star of David” pendant. I receive serenity, peace, and well-being; plus physical and creative energy. As an artist, writer, psychic, and meditator; it has increased my physical, mental, and psychic energy. AMAZING… The WOW Factor…" Paul, St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada.

"Hey Rob, the custom pendant is amazing. So much positive energy. Its helping me heal in ways that are powerful and fast. When I first put on the pendant I felt almost instantly high and relaxed. I have been going through a morphing process since 2010. It has been very physically and emotionally painful for me. The pendant has helped ease the transition process. In short, I haven't felt this good in years; maybe ever... That brings me to the custom cone you made for me. First night, I had it under my bed I had trouble sleeping (note: there's a period in which one may need to get accustom to the powerful high frequency energies emitting from the Orgonic Transmuter products). I always needed some help to snap out of the lower chakra energies. Well success. Just by having the cone beside my head along the left side helps so much. I know the cone also provides me with protection when I sleep. There was a dark energy that tried to engage me in a subconscious state. I let it pass that first night, and it hasn't come back since.... Energy work now will be so much easier. Everything I bought from you I thought was going to help me heal other people; instead it's helped heal me. I guess the two are connected. You have changed my life Rob, for the better. And I can't thank you enough. My spirituality has a strong foundation now. But I have a feeling this is just the beginning." Richard Hawken

"Thank you so much, my Vesica Piscis Medallian made me feel instantly brought into balance and alignment with Source Energy. It also gives me a feeling of deep joy and love within. I feel "SPECIAL". Thank you again." <3 Hazel Elaine Burton




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